Try India Bababudan Giris!

If you liked Tiger Mountain from Antz Coffee Co we think you'll love our India Bababudan Giris. Featuring tasting notes of Grapefruit, Smoked Almonds & Brown Sugar it's sure to be your new favourite.

India Bababudan Giris

India Bababudan Giris

Smoked Almonds
Brown Sugar

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Flavour Profile Bright Fruit
Intensity • • • • ◦
Best Served Black or White
SCA Score 81.0
Origin India
Region Baba Budangiris
Processing Method Washed
Elevation 1000 - 1500 MASL
Varietals S.795, Selection 9, Cauvery

This delicately aromatic and rich coffee is sourced from the Bababudan Giris region in India and is grown under shade trees, and comprises of SL795, SL9 and Cauvery varietals.

The Bababudan Giris are mountains within the Western Ghats in India. The area is named after a 16th century Sufi poet, Baba Budan, to whom there is a dedicated shrine in the region that is frequently visited by both Muslim and Hindu pilgrims. Baba Budan is said to have been the first to introduce coffee to India after bringing the crop from Africa.

All coffee in India is cultivated under a well-defined two-tier mixed shade canopy, comprising evergreen and leguminous trees. Nearly 50 different types of shade trees are found in coffee plantations. Shade trees prevent soil erosion on a sloping terrain; they enrich the soil by recycling nutrients from deeper layers, protect the coffee plant from seasonal fluctuations in temperature, and play host to diverse flora and fauna.

For each bag of green coffee sold, our supplier donates US$1 towards the conservation and research of Indian tigers in Kahna National Park in the Mandla and Balaghat regions of India. This exciting conservation project utilises state-of-the-art technology which will revolutionise understanding of the behaviour and movement of tigers in the wild.

Featuring tasting notes of grapefruit, smoked almonds and brown sugar this single origin presents a rich, creamy mouthfeel and shines as an espresso that pairs well with milk.

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