Our Coffee

Venn has a wide variety of coffee beans on offer

How do you curate your range?

Our coffee has been selected and roasted with an emphasis on quality, sustainability and commitment to ethical purchasing.

We procure our coffee offering with customer preferences in mind. This is across our retail offering as well as what we serve for our espresso based drinks. Given our cafe customers preference for milk coffees we predominantly showcase  coffees in our Chocolate and Nuts profiles on our machine.

We then work hard to curate a smaller, seasonal range of exciting coffees across the Bright Fruit, Sweet Fruit, Herbal/Spicy and Floral profiles.

Why are the coffee profiles important?

Coffee is a seasonal product. Ideally it is consumed within one month of roasting, and roasted within one year of harvest. As such, when you return to Venn, we may not have the last coffee you enjoyed in stock.

To make it easier to find a coffee to match your taste preference, we have worked hard to classify the beans we stock into six categories. These categories are colour coded to make it easier to remember. While liking a bean from a particular category doesn’t mean you will like all beans within that category, it is a useful starting point!

Do you only stock your own Venn roasted beans?

We also look to purchase small amounts of single origins from other Perth roasters to keep our range fresh & exciting. When choosing other roasters to work with we look for those with a unique offering, a connection to the farms they are sourcing from and value alignment. We are so grateful to be in a state with so many talented and unique roasters, it would be a shame not to highlight them!

Is your coffee ethically sourced?

From the beginning of our journey as Venn, it has been a non-negotiable point to only source coffee from green suppliers that are committed to fair trade. When stocking beans from other roasters, we also ensure their practises match with our values.

Due to the cost of certification for Fairtrade and Organic farming, many farms aren't able to afford the label but are incredibly committed to upholding the standards of these certifications.

All our our coffee is named after the towns or farms from which they have been grown and processed. Many projects are also connected to these farms and support to the surrounding villages and its employees, funding livelihoods and educating future generations.

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