Meet Holly

Holly has been hanging out with us longer than any other Venn member.

She may have been around the longest but she most certainly hasn't lost her zest for the gig - always smiling and super helpful, we adore her.

Holly might like her coffee strong (long blacks all the way) but her taste in dogs is quite the opposite - fluffy and silly (but utterly gorgeous) are her two golden retrievers Coco and Didi.

A qualified massage therapist with focus on sports, she has worked numerous jobs in past from office work to child care. Holly says Venn has been by far the most enjoyable and supportive job she's had. She's currently in the middle of a sports science degree with a focus on clinical exercise physiology.

Holly has played football (soccer) for years and loves being outdoors, the beach, jigsaw puzzles and being silly with friends and family. She's highly competitive with quizzes, which runs in her family.

We're so glad she's part of the team!