Brazil Alto Siritinga

Brazil Alto Siritinga

Dark Chocolate

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Flavour Profile Sweet Fruit
Intensity • • • • ◦
Best Served White
SCA Score 86.75
Origin Brazil
Region Matas de Minas
Processing Method Natural
Elevation 1100 MASL
Varietal Red Catuai

Pierre Sanchez de Mattos, a businessman in the restauration industry, partnered with Saul Coelho, the son of coffee grower Paul Coelho. With a shared passion to both produce and promote high quality coffee, they decided to join their passions and start working together- from this the Alto Siritinga farm was born.

Joining the Forca Cafe competition was highly beneficial to this partnership as it provided a platform to experiment with production techniques and processing methods. With the help of HRNS, they have improved farming methods and adopted new technology to tend to the trees, encourage higher yields and hence a better quality output.

This delightful bean from the Matas de Minas region in Brazil features tasting notes of cherry, allspice, and dark chocolate has a velvety mouthfeel which pairs especially well with milk-based coffees.

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