Burundi Buyengero Cooperative

Burundi Buyengero Cooperative


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Flavour Profile Sweet Fruit
Intensity • • • ◦ ◦
Best Served Black
SCA Score 85.0
Origin Burundi
Region Rumonge District
Processing Method Washed
Elevation 1630 - 1560 MASL
Varietal Bourbon

Sourced from the beautiful Rumonge District in Southwestern Burundi, these beans are grown on top of a mountain over looking the Tanganyika Lake at the altitude of 1,600m. With a view like that, how could they not taste amazing! The delicious and well balanced tropical notes are thanks to the fertile soil made of lime rocks that the beans grown on.

Kawazamurabawe and Duteritekikawa are two cooperatives who have contributed to this beautiful coffee. They part of a larger group known as COCOCA (Consortium of Coffee Growers Cooperative) which consists of around 13,000 members. Cooperatives are extremely beneficial in gaining access to resources, research and business opportunities. The quality of a bean is largely dependent on the way it is processed, however, and for smaller farms this can be expensive. Being part of a cooperative means having access to mills and hence, a higher quality output. It is also allows for collective bargaining power which can result in the farmers paying less for inputs such as fertilisers.

This lovely bean utilises a single-fermentation method during the washed process. The beans are then dried in the sun for 7 days, using a humidity meter device and moved regularly to achieve even drying. The coffee beans are them hand sorted to ensure its amazing quality & consistency.

Lightly roasted with tasting notes of pomegranate, raspberry and orange, this bean is perfect for black pour overs.

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