Ethiopia Aricha

Ethiopia Aricha

Candied Lime
Burnt Caramel

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Flavour Profile Bright Fruit
Intensity • • • • ◦
Best Served Black
SCA Score 87.25
Origin Ethiopia
Region Yirgacheffe
Processing Method Washed
Elevation 1800 - 2212 MASL
Varietal Heirloom

We are proud to introduce our latest black label coffee sourced from the enchanting Yirgacheffe, Aricha district. This exceptional coffee is the result of dedication from over 450 local farmers who lovingly cultivate and deliver the ripest coffee cherries to the Gizat washing station for processing.

The Process

The journey begins with the careful sorting of cherries into distinct grades using advanced density channels. Once sorted, the cherries undergo a delightful transformation. They are lovingly fermented for a period of 36-72 hours, then thoroughly washed and meticulously floated to eliminate any imperfections.

Next, these precious cherries are gently placed on raised drying tables, basking in the sun for 8-15 days until they reach the perfect moisture content of 11.5%. These purpose-built raised beds are designed to create an environment of optimal air circulation and temperature control, ensuring a consistently exceptional drying process. To maintain their pristine quality, the cherries are regularly turned, preventing over-fermentation or unwanted mould growth.

The Varietal

An 'heirloom' varietal is an umbrella term that is often applied in reference to the coffee varietals endemic to Ethiopia where coffee is believed to have originated.

According to some estimates, there are between six and ten thousand coffee varieties in Ethiopia alone. Owing to this great diversity and a lack of genetic testing, the term “heirloom” is often used to encompass the many different coffees that come from Ethiopia. Specifically, it refers to one or more unknown varieties coming from the same lot.

The Area

Allow yourself to be transported to the captivating Gedeo Zone and Yirgacheffe Woreda, specifically to the charming kebele of Aricha. While it may not boast a traditional highway, the adventurous journey along the A8-highway offers a dusty and rocky path that winds through the heart of Gedeo. Nestled on the Eastern slope of the Great Rift Valley, Aricha boasts cool temperatures that embrace you at 2,000 metres above sea level.

This coffee shines with a bright acidity and prominent aromatic quality. Notes of tangelo, candied lime, and burnt caramel sees this coffee perfectly suited for pour over and filter styles of brewing.

Our Story

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