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Ethiopia Shifo Village

Lemon Rind

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Flavour Profile Sweet Fruit
Intensity • • • • ◦
Best Served Black
SCA Score 86.0
Origin Ethiopia
Region Kochere
Processing Method Washed
Elevation 2100 - 1850 MASL
Varietal Heirloom

This sensational Single Origin is from the Kochere district in the Gedeb zone. The region of Kochere borders the Yirgacheffe woreda (district), which well known for its high quality of production. Most of the coffee in this region sits at an elevation between 1800 and 2200 meters above sea level and are predominantly grown by small holder farmers.

The coffee is grown in fertile and well drained soil, and there are around 800 farmers that are members of the Kochere farmers group. On average each one of the farmers owns 2 hectares of land that they have planted with coffee trees. The farmers use the Acacia, Podocarpesand Cordial Africana trees to share the coffee trees from the harsh midday sun.

With tasting notes of blackberries, cloves and lemon rind this makes for a vibrant and aromatic cup. Lightly roasted it is perfect for filter coffees.

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