Honduras San Marcos

Honduras San Marcos

Toffee Apple
Green Tea

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Flavour Profile Floral
Intensity • • • ◦ ◦
Best Served Black or White
SCA Score 83.0
Origin Honduras
Region San Marcos
Processing Method Washed
Elevation 1550 MASL
Varietals Catuai, Bourbon

Our coffee has been sourced from small farms located in the municipality of San Marcos in Honduras. This municipality is located within the region of Ocotepeque, which is situated west of Honduras near the border of El Salvador and Guatemala.

Within this region is the mountain range Sierra del Merendón which extends along the eastern border between Guatemala and Honduras. This mountain range is home to multiple habitats including cloud forests and has rich, volcanic soil. This area is well known for it's livestock and agricultural practices, and in Ocotepeque there is a large focus on growing coffee in particular.

This coffee has a sweet, floral and nutty quality with tasting notes of toffee apple, passionflower & green tea. We recommend trying this coffee as an espresso to be paired both with and without milk.

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