Kenya Peaberry

Kenya Peaberry


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Flavour Profile Bright Fruit
Intensity • • • • •
Best Served Black
SCA Score 83.75
Origin Kenya
Region Mixed
Processing Method Washed
Elevation 1500 - 2100 MASL
Varietals SL-28, SL-34

Kenya Peaberry has always been a long time favourite among both our customers and staff alike.

Around 15 farmers throughout the Kenyan regions of Embu, Kisii, Kirinyaga, Machakios, Nakuru and Nyeriare cultivate this beautiful, smooth bodied coffee. The Peaberry mutation equates to around 5% of beans harvested.

The cherry, which only contains a single bean is unique, as most other coffee cherries contain two. This occurs due to a natural mutation of the bean where one of the ovules does not pollinate. This occurs in both arabica and robusta coffee types. The peaberry bean gets its iconic round shape from the way it grows in the cherry. Having a larger amount of empty space available, the resulting bean is more round and dense than usual. The single bean is also able to absorb more of the sugars from the mucilage creating a stronger, deeper flavour.

On top of this, the bean is grown at a high altitude surrounded by mountains and national parks. This altitude provides a brightly aromatic and fruity flavour which can be enhanced through how it is grown, harvested and processed.

An example of this is the way the bean is roasted. Creating a unique roast profile for differing peaberry varietals is important due to the various sizes within the beans. Peaberry beans are sorted by weight and size post-harvest and prior to roasting. Although denser than regular beans, heat transfers more efficiently during the roast as the round beans roll better in the drum roasters.

With tasting notes of blackcurrant, lime and grapefruit, it is perfect for those looking for a fruity, sweet and strong espresso without milk.

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