Nicaragua La Bastilla Estate

Nicaragua La Bastilla Estate

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Grand Marnier

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Flavour Profile Sweet Fruit
Intensity • • • • ◦
Best Served Black
SCA Score 88.75
Origin Nicaragua
Region Jinotega
Processing Method Natural
Elevation 1100 - 1450 MASL
Varietal Geisha


This incredible coffee has been sourced from La Bastilla Estate in Nicaragua. The farm was established in 2003 when the company took over two abandoned estates in the Jinotega/Matagalpa region. Over the following 16 years, the farms were replanted with a diverse range of varietals, and infrastructure was renewed including roads, living quarters, a mill and a processing plant.


Priding themselves on being one of the few specialty coffee estate companies in Nicaragua with a fully integrated supply chain segment at origin which means that they plant, produce, harvest, process, classify and market/export all of their green coffee beans globally. The fully integrated wet and dry processing plant of La Bastilla Estate means that they differentiate the coffees harvested from different farm sections or different varieties with 4 different processes. These lots then await "orders" for hulling/grading and export. Each season La Bastilla produces approximately 350 micro-lots. The four processes used on the farm are: fully washed, honey processed, yeast fermentation and natural processing.


The Geisha varietal (also spelled as Gesha) takes its name from the town of Gesha in Ethiopia where the seeds originated nearby. Often grown throughout Central America, this is a low yielding varietal and it requires a large amount of maintenance resulting in a high quality result. Geisha has come to be considered one of the most complex, intensely flavoured and desirable profiles of all the coffee varietals.

This is a powerfully aromatic and fruity coffee and is a must try for those seeking a coffee to try as a pour over or filter style coffee.

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