Papua New Guinea Wahgi Valley

Papua New Guinea Wahgi Valley

Dried Apricot
Brazil Nuts

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Flavour Profile Bright Fruit
Intensity • • • • •
Best Served Black
SCA Score 82.5
Origin Papua New Guinea
Elevation 1400 - 2200 MASL
Varietals Arusha, Bourbon, Typica

Welcome to the heart of Papua New Guinea's Western Highlands, where the Tungei Selection Plantation stands as a testament to the rich cultural heritage and resilient spirit of the Tungei tribe. Nestled in the breathtaking Wahgi Valley, this coffee plantation not only cultivates exceptional beans but also carries a captivating history that weaves together the threads of tradition, craftsmanship, and the ever-evolving dynamics of global trade.

The Wahgi Valley has been the ancestral home of the Tungei tribe, a community that emerged from six original clans - Komnemb, Ekiemb, Kenjpi-emb, Akamb, Eska, and Kupaka. Their legacy stretches beyond the lush landscapes of the valley, as they were pioneers in the discovery of stone axe quarries. Renowned for their craftsmanship, the Tungei tribe gained widespread recognition for their creation of the kunjin, a stone axe that held significant value and was traded extensively in central New Guinea.

However, changes occurred to their thriving industry in 1933 through the introduction of pearshells by the first Australian patrol to land in Papua New Guinea. The once highly-prized stone axes faced a sharp decline in demand, marking a turning point in the Tungei tribe's economic landscape. Yet, resilience is ingrained in their identity, and today, the Tungei people have adapted to a life of subsistence agriculture, cultivating pigs, sweet potatoes, corn, sugarcane, bananas, and an array of vibrant green-leafed vegetables.

In the embrace of the Wahgi Valley's ideal coffee-growing conditions, the Tungei Selection Plantation flourishes at altitudes ranging from 1400 to 2200 meters above sea level. Families have chosen to relocate to the valley floor at approximately 1600 meters above sea level, where coffee production is more accessible and the Highlands Highway facilitates transportation via bus and truck.

This vibrantly aromatic and robust coffee features tasting notes of dried apricot, lime and Brazil nuts. We recommend enjoying it as a long black or single espresso, although those who enjoy milk based coffees will find this bean to offer a full-bodied and rich result.

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